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Stone shot blasting machine Introduction
Posted by:ADMIN    Source:Qingdao Antai Heavy Industry Machinery Co.,Ltd.     Published:2015/5/27
Stone shot blasting machine to clear the name suggests is a major stone-based blast cleaning equipment, its main stone, marble, artificial stone, granite, Curb, brick, cement bricks, pavers, etc., generally used tile house surface, park road skid stone and so can be accurate to fight hair treatment.
After rain and snow, because the surface is too smooth pavement, it is not conducive to pedestrian travel, slid fall case everywhere, for such cases, the municipal department of skid requirements are also gradually increase. To this end, young workers of stone blasting machine came into being.
Previous Stone roughening process is a stone singeing, manual polishing, not only time-consuming and more laborious, and stone blasting machine as the latest cutting-edge equipment. Our young workers Machinery Co., Ltd., continuous high performance operation to clean up, give the simplest example, card is well known, with a paved park roads are relatively smooth marble, laying large amount of longer duration, a case of rain, slippery surfaces has become a line of people walking problems, and stone blasting machines both for Stone was roughened surface roughening, clean-up operations can be continuous, high-volume cleaning, greatly shorten the construction period, so smooth stone surface not only get a certain surface roughness, without affecting the appearance.
Because of different specifications of stone, stone blasting machine so the most prominent feature is the size of the stone because they can clean up and make changes, cleaning of stone vary