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Our shot blasting machine and sand blasting machine Technical Introduction
Posted by:ADMIN    Source:Qingdao Antai Heavy Industry Machinery Co.,Ltd.     Published:2015/5/27
Dilute hydrochloric acid. Be careful not to have something in it for rust too long, otherwise the divided surface rust will finish inside the material but also the way to react out for example in addition to complete the reaction with the iron will rust
    Sand blasting and blasting can be explained in the following description:
    1, small pneumatic or electric rust. Mainly electricity or compressed air as power, blasting assembly appropriate means for reciprocating movement or rotational movement to accommodate the requirements of various occasions rust. Such as angle grinders, wire brushes, pneumatic Needle Scaler, wind knock rust hammers, gear type rotary rust, etc., are semi-mechanized equipment, tools, lightweight, great maneuverability, can more thoroughly to rust , old coatings, the coating can be roughened treatment, greatly improving the efficiency ratio manual rust, up 1 ~ 2m2 / h, but can not remove scale, surface roughness is small, we can not achieve high quality surface treatment , lower efficiency than the injection process. In any part of the use, especially widely used in ship repair process.
    2, blasting (sand) blasting. The main role of a particle jet erosion formed to reach the surface clean and appropriate roughness, equipment including open shot (sand) blasting machine, closed blasting (sand room), vacuum blasting (sand) machine. Open shot (sand) machine is widely used, it can be more thoroughly clean the metal surfaces of all impurities, such as scale, rust and old paint, rust high efficiency 4 ~ 5m2 / h, a high degree of mechanical, quality rust Okay. But generally can not be recovered because the abrasive, impact on other jobs, clean up the site in trouble. So serious environmental pollution, have recently been gradually limited.
    3, high-pressure water abrasive blasting. The impact of the use of high pressure water jet effect (plus abrasive grinding action) and pry the role of water damage and corrosion coating for steel adhesion. It features no dust pollution, no damage to steel, rust greatly improve efficiency, up to 15m2 / h or more, good quality rust. However, after the steel rust rust easily return shall be coated with a special paint wet rust, have a greater impact on the general performance of the coating of paint.
    4, shot blasting. Shot blasting is the use of high-speed rotation of the impeller thrown abrasive rust steel surface to achieve the purpose, is a kind of hull steel materials rust of more advanced mechanical processing methods, not only high efficiency, and low cost automation high degree, enabling pipelining, less environmental pollution, but only in the operating room.
    Chemical descaling method is the use of an acid with a metal oxide rust chemical reaction, thereby removing corrosion products of the metal surface, known as pickling rust, can only operate in the workshop.