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Shot technology implemented in the highway
Posted by:ADMIN    Source:Qingdao Antai Heavy Industry Machinery Co.,Ltd.     Published:2015/5/27
With the development of our country in the field of road maintenance, laminate materials with different functionality are gradually being used. Such as dust slurry seal, micro-surfacing, asphalt recycling paint, colored asphalt, etc., but all are facing and the original paving of the old problem of combining the base surface. "Asphalt pavement construction specifications" JTJ032 in: You must spray sticky asphalt overlay construction before. Conditions, before spraying sticky asphalt playing the best wool to clean machinery.
    Dating back to the past, the old approach road just as cleaning, washing, and can not solve the fundamental grassroots clean, some texture depth, friction coefficient, the original old pavement crack exposure (to advance patches), as far as possible to clean up the aggregate gap debris, to avoid damage to the aggregate of these problems, there is an urgent need for a process to solve the above problem, just come out blasting technology can provide solutions to these problems.
    Asphalt pavement maintenance technology there are many, regardless of curing technology used, the quality of the interface processing directly affect the final quality of the project. By improving the road shot blasting machines, the success of the blasting treatment process applied in the conservation of asphalt concrete pavement, asphalt pavement using shot blasting machine processing can greatly improve the cleanliness and the road surface friction coefficient, especially for fog seal layer Lek regeneration, regeneration curing process a thin layer of water sealing layer. Road blasting machine can be completely removed on the surface layer of asphalt aggregate bond failure, fully exposed aggregate, get clean, rough surface, blasting treatment has excellent interface processing capability in the field of road that have been well utilized.
    The overwhelming majority of highway asphalt pavement, asphalt pavement and therefore conservation is more important. Road shot machine will continue with the development of conservation technology to the rapid development of modern, intelligent, diverse directions. Future, blasting treatment technology will have good social and economic benefits. Let us wait and see!