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Shot blasting machine safety operation
Posted by:ADMIN    Source:Qingdao Antai Heavy Industry Machinery Co.,Ltd.     Published:2015/5/27

1, the operation of the device specialist training posts strictly enforce the plane, familiar with the aircraft performance and features.
2, familiar with the equipment specification, the operating procedures, use, maintenance and repairs.
3, the operator must check before starting the control panel (Panel) to set all kinds of switches in the desired position (including the power switch) and then to boot, in order to avoid malfunctions, damage to the electrical and mechanical equipment, resulting in equipment accident.
4, non-operators are not free to operate or touch electrical switches controlled area, in order to avoid accidents.
5, before the equipment is running, non-staff leave the work area equipment, to avoid accidents injury accident.
6, when the operator turned particular attention to all kinds of instrument instruction panel, to be each instrumented with all the normal value, in order to operate the car (rollers) to enter the work program. Such as found in the individual meter indicates that there is a large error (abnormal) immediate shutdown. Check the equipment failure to properly start work after treatment.
7, equipment operation, the operator of the equipment must be visits to check for unusual noise and other parts overheating. When it runs the Discovery serious fault, ie "stop" button to stop for repairs, with professionals to troubleshoot the device.
8, the operator of the equipment must press the "Device Manager" for routine maintenance and week maintenance (including lubrication). Weekly promptly clean up dust and debris in the dust within the dust so as not to affect the quality of the equipment to ensure good rates.
9, the operator must be civilized production and safety in production at the same time strictly enforce the shift system.
10, the working end, immediately switch off the unit's power, so as not to make this equipment in operation.