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Shot Blasting technology development trend of the future
Posted by:ADMIN    Source:Qingdao Antai Heavy Industry Machinery Co.,Ltd.     Published:2015/5/27
High-speed rotation of the impeller, the iron balls, steel shot or other projectiles and other materials under the centrifugal force, threw the workpiece surface sand handling, cleaning surface stains and burrs, processing speed, good cleaning effect. More conventional cleanup method is more environmentally friendly and efficient. Therefore become the mainstream way of cleaning the surface, gradually replaced pickling and polished. Shot blasting process has become a necessary treatment process, many companies will be clearly defined in the requirements for the procurement of parts, shot blasting of the workpiece needs!
Shot craft treated workpiece antirust levels and intensity are on the rise, further increasing the life of the workpiece.
Shot treatment process will not damage the workpiece, reducing production costs.
The future is bound to abrade the surface cleaning process technology into the mainstream.