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Under the new economic normality Construction Machinery go
Posted by:ADMIN    Source:Qingdao Antai Heavy Industry Machinery Co.,Ltd.     Published:2015/5/27
A wave farewell in 2014, China's construction machinery market, the various "good" does not take away the doldrums clouds!
Continued downward has been more than three years, a number of listed companies of construction machinery enterprises, operating income decreased to about 50% of the peak period, the net profit fell to about 20% of its peak, the number of business loss.
The industry believes that, at present, China's construction machinery enterprises large and small, more than one thousand, with the adjustment of the depth in the future, many companies will not escape the fate of collapse.
Experts believe that foreign incremental demand remaining variables, and matters of domestic investment growth rate of decline is more certain, it can be concluded that the fundamentals of the construction machinery industry in 2015 will not bottomed out, it is difficult to rebound. In a period of adjustment of each company in skills, look for an upgrade. Who's competitive ability, will be able to take the lead out of the dilemma.
Overseas markets who can not eat, "the official told us."
That "along the way" economic strategy of the country is in a downturn trend of enterprises is undoubtedly a major positive. This is a national level to promote China's equipment manufacturing industry to the world by building and promoting environmental policies. For the current domestic market is not the ideal situation, some companies will look to join the overseas, for a time, the overseas market has become everyone want to eat, "the official told us."
Experts said that in the overseas market to carve out their own position, not an easy task. It is understood that in recent years, in order to better explore overseas markets, the domestic construction machinery enterprises have increased investment, by investing in local factories, to seek localization development. But it has encountered many obstacles on an international journey, such as antitrust and national economic security and other issues.
Experts believe that not all of the industry companies rely on "along the way" strategy to open up overseas markets can be smooth sailing. In addition to political reasons, overseas giants competitive reasons, economic growth in many countries is limited, entirely counting on overseas market expansion, the domestic construction machinery industry is not realistic.
Experts stressed that overseas demand is a breakpoint type, and domestic four trillion yuan driven by continued into the film into the surface of the demand is very different, the overseas market is not construction machinery excess capacity "savior", even though some of the benefits of export enterprises such as export orders Xugong, Liugong, Sany, Zoomlion and other leading enterprises are expected to increase, but most small businesses or missed Share "along the way" strategic dividends.
Market trend long period of division encircle group heating
"Saying the world trend, long period of division, together for a long time to divide." With "Three Kingdoms" opens with these words to describe the situation of China's construction machinery market in recent years is not an exaggeration.
When the market is hot, you scramble, engineering machinery enterprises accustomed to going it alone. Today, market demand declined significantly, the market retains a large amount of serious excess capacity, with businesses operating costs and financial costs, the construction machinery industry is facing a severe test of survival and development. In the cold rain the weakness and vulnerability of individuals increasingly prominent. As the market changes, companies are beginning to realize that only support each other in order to go more stable, longer, therefore, hold together for warmth as a new means for the future survival of SMEs.
For small construction machinery enterprises, in order to break through the winter, but would like to move closer to the collective. Because, in these bases, the industrial cluster, many individual compared with large enterprises uncompetitive small businesses, once linked to the development of regional networks, which demonstrated the ability to be a competitive than any single the competitiveness of enterprises simply add up the new cluster competitiveness more advantageous. Clusters have been so many SMEs do not have market viability, due to participate in the cluster inside, not only survived, but also enhances the overall competitiveness cluster. It is also for this reason, more and more new enterprises located in the industrial cluster base.
In addition, Beijing Shield Engineering Association, Guangxi Institute of Mechanical Engineering Branch of equipment maintenance, engineering machinery industry strategic alliances and other intellectual property rights institutions have been established, but also reflects the corporate desire to hold together for warmth great demand. Association, the Union the meaning of existence itself regulate competition in the industry, coordinate the interests of balance, in order to achieve low risk deployment of a wide range of resources and thus become complementary advantages and expand space for development, improving the competitiveness of industry or sector, to achieve extraordinary an important tool for development. Downward phase in the industry, more and more companies are willing to join the Association, set up alliances that to achieve a common purpose: to rely on each other, to go further.