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Q38/Q48 Hanging chain type shot blasting machine

Q38/Q48 Hanging chain type shot blasting machine






1.Monorail shot blasting machine introduction

Monorail shot blasting machine is a specially designed machine for cleaning aluminum alloy parts. Operators load the work piece in front of the pneumatic door, and the hook conveyor transport workpiece into blasting chamber. The rotation mechanism makes the hook rotate in the blasting chamber.


The hook can also move back and forth in the chamber.Two sets of blast turbines will give thorough blasting to workpiece. After blasting, the hook conveyor transports the hook out of the chamber from the other pneumatic door and moves to next step.  It is a continuous work process, and can be connected the whole production line or used separately. 


2.Feature of the monorail shot blasting machine

A.  Casting surface cleaning and strengthen

B.  Thick steel surface rust removal

C.  PLC control , can achieve automatic operation

D.  Deburring, deflashing and Cosmetic finishing

E.  When production requires dictate batch processing

F.  Small to medium size castings, fabrications and heat-treated parts

G.  Suitable for the unfavorable impact of long and thin, thin wall parts cleaning


3.Technical Parameter of the monorail shot blasting machine





Item stemoving type shot blasting machine Continuous moving shot blast machine
Q483 Q485 Q4810 Q583 Q5810
Max weight of piece kg 300 500 800 300 1000
Size of workpiece mm 1000*1400 1200*1700 700*2400 1000*1500 750*2400
Abrasive flow rate kg/m 2*250 3*250 6*360 4*250 6*360
Productivity Hook/h 10 10 10 30-60 50
Speed of chain m/min 2.44 7.34 2.44 Converter speed Converter speed
Lifting distance of pendant chain mm 2560 2560 2560 1000 2560
Ventilation capacity M3/h 6000 10000 25000 18000 25000
Power(not include dust collector) kw 38.75 58.43 85 127.25 160
Outline dimension of shot blasting machine mm 8450*5350*5003 12235*5410*9411 4500*5350*5003 18000*5960*6440



This is the parameters of our standard products,machines can be individually designed according to customer's requirements.