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Furan Resin sand reclamation production line

Furan Resin sand reclamation production line

Resin sand reclamation line is mixing the furan resin and sand together, then filling the mixed sands into the sand boxes, then after tamping, using the paints to flush the surfaces of molds, then burning the paints to make the sand molds to become very hard, finally, pouring the liquid iron into the solid sand molds.

Chemical binders (furan or urethane) are mixed with sand and placed in mold boxes surrounding the pattern halves. At room temperature, the molds become rigid with the help of catalysts. The pattern halves are removed and the mold is assembled with or without cores.


1. Material
The resin sand casting process mainly uses the resin sand as the molding material, and need to use the alcohol paints. 
2. Equipment
The resin sand casting process usually needs equipments to mix the resin sand and fill the sands into the sand boxes. 
3. Production time
The resin sand casting process has an extra time to flush the paints, and burn the paints and wait the resin molds become hard. 
4. Casting quality
The casting quality has big difference for these two processes. Since resin sand casting process uses the hard molds, therefore, resin sand castings have better surface smoothness, higher dimensional tolerance, and less surface and inside casting defects, such as sand holes, air holes and shrinkage. 
5. Suitable casting products
Resin sand casting process is suitable to produce large iron castings with weight range from dozens of kilograms to several tons. 
6. Advantages
Most ferrous / non-ferrous metals can be used.
Adaptable to large or small quantities
High strength mold
Better as-cast surfaces.
Improved dimensional repeatability
Less skill and labor required then in conventional sand molding.
Better dimensional control



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